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Community Partner: Well-Fed, Inc.

Swedish Partners with Well-Fed, Inc. to Support Local Englewood Families

Swedish Medical Center has been caring for their community for over 100 years. A prominent figure in the greater Denver area, Swedish has always been a leader in healthcare. Over the years, Swedish has contributed to organizations throughout the community to help make Englewood and the surrounding areas a better place. Recently, a need so compelling, so important, was brought to the attention of staff and physicians and it has become the focus.

Swedish employees have decided that for 12 months, they will put all their efforts into helping the elementary students right here in the community who are going hungry every day. Together with Well-Fed Inc, the hope is the power of all 2,000 employees and 1,300 physicians can make an impact on these young lives.

Well-fed Inc. is an organization that strives to connect with children physically and emotionally through nutritional and community support. Their goal is to provide healthy means for students that are in need of supplemental food during the weekends, holidays and summer month. Students who are eligible for this program are drawn from those who receive free and reduced lunches during the school year or those who are recommended by the school officials and parents who express interest.

Swedish set a goal to raise 10,000 pounds of food for the Well-fed program over the course of 12 months. The initiative started in May 2013 and has had an overwhelming response from Swedish employees. Not only does Well-fed feed over 150 struggling Englewood families every week, additional bags of food are delivered to the schools and sent home with students to make sure families continue to eat over the weekend.

Swedish has offered a variety of ways to get the employees and even physicians involved in the program. Every employee that volunteers three hours with the Well-fed program amounts to 25 pounds of food given back to the families in need. Employees and physicians can make a cash donation at any time or donate food and various supplies throughout the year.

Monthly health promotions held at the hospital such as a cereal drives, school supplies, a baby shower, and a garage sale in October 2013, have raised 972 pounds of winter supplies for those in need. Additionally, coats, mittens, hats and other warm items were donated and community members in need could pick up these items to help during the cold winter months.

Swedish has committed to a partnership with Well-fed for one year in hopes to make a significant impact. Half way through our partnership, the amount of donations currently amounts to 6,200 pounds, which is over half way to our goal of 10,000. Swedish has also received over $4,000 in cash donations which amount to 4,039 pounds in food. We continue to receive donations daily.

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