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Medical Records

Our goal is to provide patients with the health information and documentation needed to continue with their medical care and record keeping. Please know there is a fee to print and provide these documents. The cost of obtaining medical records is determined by statute 6 C.C.R. 1011-1, Chapter 2, Part This statute states that records will be provided at ‘reasonable cost’ not to exceed $14.00 for the first 10 or fewer pages, $.50 per page for pages 11-40 and $.33 per page for every additional page. The per-page fee for records copied from microfilm shall be $1.50 per page. Actual postage or shipping costs and applicable sales tax, if any, may also be charged.

Authorization Form

To receive a copy of your medical record please download, complete and fax the Authorization Form for Use And Disclosure of Protected Health Information:

Forms may be faxed to (720) 279-6593.

For questions regarding the status of your request, please call (303) 584-8201. If you cannot download the above form, please contact (303) 788-6071 to have it mailed or faxed to you. For billing requests, please call (866) 475-1385.

For Radiology films, please call (303) 788-6057.

Birth Certificates

If you wish to request a birth certificate for someone in your family, please download our Birth Certificate Request form.