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Breast Cancer Surgical Treatment Options

Sarah Cannon at SMC

Surgical Treatment Options for Breast Cancer Care at Swedish Medical Center, Denver


A lumpectomy is a breast sparing, or breast conservation, treatment. It involves the surgical removal of cancerous breast tissue and a portion of surrounding healthy tissue to ensure complete removal of cancer.

Lymph Node Removal

Lymph Node Removal is the surgical removal of a lymph node during a lumpectomy or mastectomy for examination by a pathologist. Lymph nodes help your doctor determine the extent of cancer involvement.


A mastectomy is the surgical removal of an entire breast or both breasts. Today the majority of women will not require mastectomy. The surgeon works closely with each patient to determine the appropriateness of this more invasive treatment option, according to the particular cancer type, stage, genetic risk and personal wishes.


Reconstruction is rebuilding of the breast following a mastectomy, or sometimes, lumpectomy. Reconstruction may take place immediately following a mastectomy or months to years later. Not all women opt for reconstruction following a mastectomy.