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NanoKnife for Cancer Treatment

Sarah Cannon at SMC

Swedish Medical Center now offers the NanoKnife cancer treatment system

Swedish Medical Center is the only hospital in the Rocky Mountain region offering the NanoKnife cancer treatment system to destroy cancerous tumors without high heat or extreme cold, making it safe for sensitive areas.

How NanoKnife Cancer Treatment System Works

Two or more fine-needle electrodes are guided around the tumor using computed tomography (CT) or ultrasound imaging. The electrodes deliver a series of high-voltage, but low-energy direct currents to create nano-size defects in the cell membrane, leading to cell death. The NanoKnife system does not rely on heat or extreme cold to ablate (destroy) soft tissue.

What Sets NanoKnife Cancer Treatment Apart?

  • Effectively treats tumors without damaging surrounding critical structures or vessels
  • Provides an option for patients that have tumors in difficult-to-treat areas and who are not good candidates for surgery
  • Patients may have less pain and scarring than other traditional ablation options
  • Patients may experience a quicker recovery time than traditional surgery
  • NanoKnife Cancer Treatment
  • The NanoKnife System is cleared by the FDA for the surgical ablation of soft tissue

Why Choose Swedish Medical Center for NanoKnife Cancer Treatment?

  • Swedish Medical Center continues to be a leader in advanced technology. We are the first and only hospital in the Rocky Mountain region to use the NanoKnife system.
  • Our highly skilled physicians have been trained and are performing NanoKnife procedures at Swedish with positive results
  • Our specialists and dedicated staff provide comprehensive, leading-edge cancer care to help our patients achieve the best outcomes

Is NanoKnife Right For You?

If you would like to find out more about the NanoKnife system and Swedish Cancer Care Center, please contact our oncology patient care coordinator, Elissa Redding, BSN, RN-BC, at (303) 788-3478 or via e-mail.