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Neurovascular Team

Neurovascular Care Team at Swedish Medical Center, Denver, Colorado

Neurovascular Surgery

Paul Ellott, MD, Neurovascular Surgery, Denver

Paul Elliott, MD

Dennis Vollmer, MD, Neurovascular Surgery, Denver

Dennis Vollmer, MD

Alex West, MD, PhD, Neurovascular Surgeon, Denver

Alex West, MD, PhD

Interventional Neuro Radiology

Richard Bellon, MD, Interventional Radiology, Denver

Richard Bellon, MD

Donald Frei, MD, Interventional Radiology, Denver

Donald Frei, MD

Daniel Huddle, DO, Interventional Radiology, Denver

Daniel Huddle, DO

Stroke Neurology

Ira Chang, MD, Stroke Neurologist, Denver

Ira Chang, MD

Chris Fanale, MD, Stroke Neurologist, Denver

Chris Fanale, MD

Robert Pratt, MD, Stroke Neurologist, Denver

Robert Pratt, MD

Rod Spencer, MD, Stroke Neurologist, Denver

Rod Spencer, MD

Jeff Wagner, MD, Stroke Neurologist, Denver

Jeff Wagner, MD

The Neurovascular Center at Swedish is dedicated to treating patients who have vascular disorders affecting the brain and spinal cord. Our team approach ensures coordinated care during your hospitalization through your transition to outpatient services.

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