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Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement Surgery at Swedish Medical Center

The knee is one of the most complicated joints in the body. It consists of a kneecap (patella), the upper bone (femur) and lower bone (tibia) of the leg. These are all bound together with ligaments, tendons and muscles. Cartilage provides a cushion between the bones and enables them to move smoothly. The knee is a "hinge joint," which moves in one direction.

About Total Knee Surgery

Total knee surgery is the replacement of a damaged knee with an artificial joint. The total knee is made of three parts:

  • A metal part covering the femur surface (femoral component)
  • A plastic and metal part covering the tibia surface (tibial component)
  • A plastic part that resurfaces the kneecap (patella button)

When in place, these reconstruct the knee into a functional hinge joint. After a successful operation, the knee is progressively less painful and has good motion.

Patient Information

Our patient education information helps you prepare for Total Knee Surgery:

More details about your hospital stay, recovery and follow up care for Total Knee Replacements are available by attending one of Swedish's FREE total joint classes.