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Class: Baby Safe

Infant Safety Course Including Accident Prevention, Basic Infant First Aid/CPR

This comprehensive, three hour class helps prepare parents to keep baby safe. Infant CPR and relief of choking are taught and practiced. (No certification is provided.) Other important issues discussed include accident prevention and childproofing, safe sleep and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), Very basic car seat safety information is included. This is a class you cannot afford to miss!

Registration: Call 1-866-7SWEDISH (1-866-779-3347) or Register Online

Have Your Car Seat Checked!

Did you know approximately 9 out of 10 car seats in Colorado are installed incorrectly? Make an appointment for a FREE car seat check by calling 303-788-SEAT (7328) or make an appointment request online.

Prior to appointment, please read car seat manual and practice installing car seat.