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Class: Sibling at Birth(Private)

Private Class

Family and sibling-attended births are welcome at Swedish Medical Center with the attending physician’s approval. This private class is scheduled on an individual family basis and usually takes two hours. Using special audiovisual teaching materials, each child and family will be taken through a typical birth. Questions are answered and anxiety lessened as the family prepares for the upcoming event. A tour and familiarization of the OB unit will follow the class.

The minimum recommended age for children attending a birth is five; however, each situation is unique as children mature at varying rates. All siblings under the age of 13 are encouraged to attend the Sibling at Birth class. Although the class is not mandatory, consent to attend the birth is required! The consent form clearly defines the roles and expectations and must be signed by parents and the attending OB physician. When completed, a copy must be mailed to: Women’s Health Education, Swedish Medical Center, 501 E. Hampden Avenue, Englewood, CO 80113.

The expectant mom also must bring the signed consent form to Labor & Delivery when labor starts.

Registration: To register for this class please call 1.866.7Swedish for dates and prices.