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Class: Why Am I Tempted?

This class teaches middle school and high school people to navigate the minefield of challenges, obstacles and temptations they will face in adolescence regardless of their gender, economic status, family structure, ethnicity, cultural heritage or sexual orientation. This curriculum highlights that there are those who let things happen and those who make things happen. It is incumbent on the adults around adolescents to help them become educated, equipped and empowered to create the life they desire.

WAIT Training provides relationship skills to adolescents (12-19 years old) by educating, equipping and empowering them to live and love well.

What will be covered:

  • Learning about yourself
  • Friendship, Dating & Love
  • Cultural Influences
  • Differences between men/women (guys/girls)
  • Consequences of teen sex
  • Dealing effectively with conflict

Call 1-866-779-3347 or Register Online