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CO-DOC Stroke Telemedicine Program

Bringing Swedish stroke expertise to communities throughout Colorado

Colorado Digital Online Consultant: CO-DOC

Imagine technology that allows a physician to examine a patient hundreds of miles away — reading his vital signs on bedside computers, examining the pupils of her eyes and talking back-and-forth in real time — all through a tiny laptop-mounted camera, a portable suitcase-sized computer and the Internet...

CO-DOC, the Colorado Digital Online Consultant, is a breakthrough program coordinated by Swedish Medical Center and Blue Sky Neurology that allows physicians to provide lifesaving exams and treatments to stroke patients across Colorado.

Time is Critical when Treating Stroke Patients

Outside the metro area, hospitals face the challenge of not having neurologists available, and they sometimes lack the resources to deliver the necessary treatments to reverse a stroke.

Fanale Using Telemedicince CO-DOC Camera

"When a patient suffers a stroke, time is absolutely critical," said Dr. Chris Fanale, the physician coordinator for CO-DOC. "This technology makes it so I'm almost literally in the room next to the patient. I can now 'be' at a hospital 100 miles away in a matter of minutes - overcoming the hurdles of time and distance that can mean life or death for some people."

Why is CO-DOC so special?.

AirLife Dedicated Stroke Transfer Team.