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Why is CO-DOC So Special?

CO-DOC applies technology proven to improve care throughout Colorado that might not have the resources to manage stroke diagnosis and treatment. The proprietary system, designed by BF Technologies, delivers smooth video from almost any Internet connection, automatic adaptability and error correction, dramatic zoom capabilities, and near real-time communications with perfect audio and video synchronization and no echo. The patient and physicians both have two-way video and audio for a more accurate and personal experience.

The goal? To harness the power of the latest technology through CO-DOC and deliver advanced stroke expertise to support outlying hospitals and save the lives of countless stroke patients.

The CO-DOC program is set up differently than any other telemedicine efforts in Colorado. CO-DOC is HIPAA compliant and uses the Internet, but can be accessed from anywhere -- unlike the point-to-point connections that other telemedicine attempts.

If there is a stroke emergency at 2 a.m., the doctor can consult from his or her wireless PC right at home. This system also has a remote control, so the consulting physician can control the camera at the patient's location. Using the latest technology, the image quality and synchronization are excellent -- as you might suspect, when conducting a virtual exam on a stroke/neuro patient, you can't tolerate disruption or delay in the video or audio.

Chris Fanale,MD, medical director for the Stroke Center at Swedish, leads the CO-DOC program. Dr. Fanale was involved in an NIH study for this system in California and for other telemedicine projects.

CO-DOC Fact Sheet