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Vascular Malformation Center

Deep within the Rocky Mountain region is a medical gem that today brings patients from across the globe in search of what was once considered an elusive cure for Vascular Malformations. Swedish Medical Center is that gem, and its doors welcome thousands of patients each year in search of that cure.

"We have proven that AVMs can, in fact, be eradicated." - Wayne Yakes, M.D.

"One of the big myths patients hear all the time is what the literature has said forever – that AVMs are incurable…that you simply treat them temporarily, leaving patients with good times and bad times, but that you can never fix them. We have proven that AVMs can, in fact, be eradicated." - Wayne Yakes, M.D., Swedish Medical Center, Denver

Vascular Malformations / Arteriovenous Malformations

Vascular Malformations or Arteriovenous Malformations (AVMs) are rare, congenital defects of the circulatory system occurring at birth. Appearing as a snarled chain of arteries and veins, AVMs can occur anywhere within the body. At best, the defect remains asymptomatic throughout an individual’s lifetime. At its worst, AVMs can cause a range of physical pain and anguish, poor quality of life and a lifetime of uncertainty if undiagnosed for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who suffer their effects.

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Fortunately, for those patients, Swedish Medical Center’s Vascular Malformation Center and the world’s top AVM expert, Wayne F.J. Yakes, M.D., are bringing a collective sigh of relief and cures to the lives of those patients.

Offering a Cure for AVMs at Denver's Swedish Medical Center

Patients no longer need suffer from misdiagnosis or temporary fixes to a lifetime of AVM-related health issues. In fact, Dr. Yakes’ first encounter with patients is to assure them that a cure is within reach. Most patients come to Dr. Yakes believing AVMs can only be temporarily treated with surgery. However, as a pioneer in developing a non-invasive surgical method of curing AVMs, Dr. Yakes has become the go-to source for patients and his medical community peers.

Detailed imaging and numerous published peer review case studies support Dr. Yakes’ expertise as a leader in AVM cures. Today, patients by the masses are learning what Dr. Yakes has long known – AVM cures are within reach at Swedish Medical Center in Denver.

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