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Yakes' Non-Invasive Surgical AVM Cures

Pioneering cures for AVMs is now the standard at Swedish Medical Center’s Vascular Malformation Center, thanks to advancements developed by Dr. Yakes and his non-invasive surgical approach. Specifically, Dr. Yakes pioneered the use of therapeutic embolization using ethyl alcohol to block the intertwining veins and arteries inside the AVM from growing. Unfortunately, not all embolic agents will destroy an AVM, nor does surgery provide permanency in shutting down the growth of the AVM. Other, inexperienced physicians have attempted to eradicate AVMs using surgery, Ethibloc, glue, coils or other medical devices, all of which are palliative at best.

Ethyl Alcohol Destroys AVM

At Swedish Medical Center, the approach is curative. After years of intensive research and trials, Dr. Yakes determined that the use of 98 percent ethyl alcohol destroys AVMs, improving his patients’ quality of life and offering a much better permanency to an extreme alternative facing some patients – amputation. Dr. Yakes injects the ethyl alcohol in the areas near the AVM over a period of time, as determined by the severity of the lesion. Slowly, but surely, the ethyl alcohol snuffs out the life of the snarled AVM.

Patients Find Cures for AVM at the Swedish Vascular Malformation Center

The permanence achieved through Dr. Yakes’ use of ethyl alcohol for attacking AVMs is now the norm. In fact, Dr. Yakes has cured peripheral AVMs in excess of 80 percent of the time. In an AVM fistula, which is congenital and not traumatic, the cure rate is 100 percent. In an acquired AVM fistula, the cure rate is 90 percent. Even the cure rate for brain AVMs, which have historically been less than five percent, is now greater than 60 percent, thanks to Dr. Yakes’ treatment innovations.