Public Relations Team at Swedish Medical Center

To interview Swedish Medical Center patients, physicians or staff members, please contact the Public Relations Department via our on-call media pager at (303) 826-7170. A member of our team is always reachable by our on-call pager.

For routine condition updates, you also may contact the Nursing Supervisor at (303) 788-5000.

Please remember that all media inquiries regarding Swedish Medical Center must be directed to the Public Relations Department or the Nursing Supervisor. Please see our Guide to News Media Relations for more information.

Public Relations Department Contacts

Nicole Williams
Assistant Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations
Phone: (303) 788-5944
Fax: (303) 788-6269

Abby Bartolotta
Marketing & PR Manager
Phone: (303) 788-5909
Fax: (303) 788-6269