Swedish Medical Center
October 06, 2017

Brighton firefighters used the Jaws of Life to pull Ellen Kennedy out of a crushed car in July, 2015. Clinging to life, she was airlifted to Swedish Medical Center Emergency Room, a trauma one facility, where she was stabilized, then underwent orthopedic surgery to repair six pelvic fractures. Five days later, Ellen was diagnosed as septic due to perforations in her bowel from the car collision. She was rushed into emergency surgery and her life was saved that day.

For three days, Ellen remained in an induced coma and on a ventilator in the intensive care unit. Hospitalized for a one month and five days, she eventually moved into her parents’ home to start recovery. Slowly, she graduated from a wheelchair to a walker and, finally, back to two feet, which Ellen attributes to the dedication and care she received at Swedish, the same hospital at which she was born.

On Friday, October 6, Ellen returned to Swedish Medical Center, this time to celebrate a homecoming on her 31st birthday and to thank the team who saved her life, " Two years ago, a day after my 29th birthday, I began to learn to walk again. For my 31st Birthday, my wish is to celebrate at Swedish Medical Center, where my life began and almost ended, to honor the people who kept my heart beating."