Swedish Medical Center
March 02, 2018

Steven Hall, CRCST, CHL, CER

Certified expert brings 30 years of sterile processing experience

Swedish Medical Center’s perioperative services has welcomed Steven Hall, CRCST, CHL, CER as the manager of its sterile processing department. Steven has 30 years of experience in surgical instrument processing and the high-level disinfection of surgical scopes, working at the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora. He is a certified registered central service technician and has additional certifications in healthcare leadership and in flexible endoscope reprocessing.

“Steven’s expertise and his extensive years of experience are rare,” said Hollie Seeley, Vice President of Operations. “He will be a great asset to Swedish Medical Center and we are truly lucky to have him join our outstanding team of perioperative professionals.”

Steven and the sterile processing department (SPD) support each of our three surgical theaters: the main hospital operating room, the Swedish Orthopaedic Center and the surgical and robotics operating room. Swedish’s sterile processing department was commended by Joint Commission surveyors during our most recent triennial survey for their diligent practice and well-executed processes.

Joint Commission surveyors were impressed with how Swedish is cleaning instruments at the point of use throughout the hospital—a practice that significantly decreases the risk of infections for patients. This process is owned by the sterile processing department, who partners with nursing units to ensure the process is followed every day.

Regulatory surveyors have paid specific attention to SPD departments across the country in recent years due to the direct impact these teams have on the prevention of patient infections. Our SPD team is recognized by Swedish as a critical component in the safe care of our patients.