The Swedish Family Medicine Center (SFMC) residency program was set up to model the daily life of a family physician. This is accomplished by the extensive time commitment to patient care in our outpatient clinic throughout the three years of the residency, and through a unique, single, integrated Inpatient Service (IPS) where we care for medicine, surgical, pediatric, and obstetric patients simultaneously.

When on IPS, the residents are on long call from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM every third day. We utilize a night float service from 7:30 PM to 7:30 AM to reduce the need for 24 hour call shifts. You spend one week on nights for each month on inpatient service. The residents not on call that day spend the morning rounding on patients and then the afternoon at various other places such as our outpatient clinic, the high school clinic, the nursing home, or didactics to name a few. This allows our residents to develop longitudinal relationships with their patients starting the first day of residency.

The IPS is an upper level run service. This allows interns to spend their first year focusing on learning how to truly function as doctors and take care of patients, gradually increasing the number of patients they round on as they gain experience and confidence. Residents spend three months their intern year, five months their second year, and three months their third year on IPS.

The IPS provides the continuity opportunities of non-rotational programs, but retains the strengths of in-depth exposure to different disciplines inherent in traditional rotational programs. This longitudinal training style, rather than single blocks, gives the resident a real-life exposure to the broad concerns of a family medicine provider. Our program maximizes educational time with family physicians, provides an early emphasis on ambulatory training, and offers a training model which provides a more realistic approximation to family medicine than traditional specialty-based rotational models.