Shaking the Salt Habit

Click the + signs for some of the whys and hows of reducing salt intake

If you are one of the 39% of Americans who have above normal blood pressure, reducing the salt in your diet can reduce your blood pressure and decrease your risk of heart disease and stroke.

The less salt you eat, the less you will want. After all, you were not born loving salty tastes. You learned it.

Your food may not need more salt. If you prepare foods at home, only add small amounts of salt during the preparation and take the salt shaker off the table.

Chili peppers, hot pepper sauces or black pepper can add flavor without adding salt.

Herbed, balsamic, wine or rice vinegar give flavor.

Adding a touch of honey to cooked vegetables adds flavor without salt.

Try using a spice blend on your table instead of salt. These come in a variety of flavors.


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