Emergency Care for Ingestion of Nonfood Items

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Swedish Medical Center

It's very scary when your child eats or drinks something he/she is not supposed to-- especially if you aren't sure what is in the substance. The most important thing is to take the item away from your child and not to make your child vomit as it may cause more damage.

Call the Poison Center If Your Child Shows Minimal Symptoms

If your child has no or minimal symptoms, first call the poison center at 1-800-222-1222. The poison center operators will tell  you the next steps to take for your child.

Emergency Care May Be Necessary If Your Child Has Severe Symptoms

Your child needs immediate medical care if his/her ingestion is accompanied by any of the following. Dial 911.  

  • Your child does not look well
  • Your child loses consciousness
  • He/she experiencing seizures or convulsions 

Always Keep Medications and Household Products Out of Reach 

Always be sure that cleaning solutions and medications are locked and out of your child's reach. Also ensure that visitors keep all medications (even over-the-counter medications) locked and out of reach. 

Swedish Pediatric Emergency Care