Enhancing Physician Convenience

At the SMC Sleep Disorders Center, our objective is to offer physicians and their patients comprehensive sleep disorder services in the most effective and convenient manner possible.

We offer a multidisciplinary team of dentists, ENTs, neuropsychologists, radiologists and board-certified sleep specialist to assist you and your staff in obtaining the best outcomes for your patients.

Physician-Direct Referrals

  • The Sleep Disorders Center at SMC accepts direct referrals from any physician, without the patient first being required to see a sleep specialist.
  • This direct-referral process allows physicians to guide patients more quickly and economically to diagnosis and treatment of a sleep disorder.

Comprehensive Sleep Disorder Testing

  • Our testing processes are used for the diagnosis of dozens of sleep disorders including apnea, narcolepsy, leg movement disorders, parasomnias and other disorders
  • We can address shift work sleep disorders and help patients develop strategies for adjusting to the unique challenges of shift-work schedules
  • All testing is done by our well-trained technicians
  • Patients are provided with complete pre- and post-testing education, including review of sleep report, diagnosis and treatment recommendations

Rapid diagnosis and reporting

  • The Sleep Disorders Center at SMC completes 100 percent of sleep study reports within two weeks.
  • The Sleep Disorders Center staff physicians review each sleep study and provide an interpretation report that includes any diagnoses and treatment recommendations
  • Our staff physicians are available to answer your questions about the sleep study and for consultation with your patients when requested.
  • Referring physicians can contact a sleep staff specialist for more information regarding the sleep study, report, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations or for additional patient consultation.

Patient Convenience and Support

  • Appointments can generally be scheduled at the patient’s earliest convenience.
  • Testing is always scheduled to match the patient’s normal sleep time
  • We participate in most insurance plans and also accept assignment from Medicare.
  • We assist patients with insurance preauthorization and claims filing
  • Our sleeping areas are quiet, light-controlled, and have home-like furnishings
  • Patients can call The Sleep Disorders Center at SMC for information regarding the diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

CPAP Therapy Support

  • The Sleep Disorders Center at SMC staff will answer questions and help expedite treatment initiation.
  • We provide ongoing CPAP therapy support conducted by our own sleep trained nurse coordinator. This support includes educating patients in the use of positive airway pressure equipment, desensitization to therapy, equipment fit, comfort and replacement and is offered twice weekly— reducing patient calls to your office.