You will be asked about your symptoms and health history. A physical exam will be done.

The tests you will have depend on your symptoms, health, stage of pregnancy, and what infection the doctor thinks you might have. These tests may be done to find out whether you or your growing baby has an infection:

  • Culture—Your genitals will be gently swabbed to see if an infection is there. Your urine and blood will also be tested.
  • Urinalysis—This is a test to check for bacteria in the urine. A special paper strip will be used to test it. It may also be sent to a lab.
  • Ultrasound —This tool uses sound waves to make a picture of the baby. This helps check for any abnormalities with the baby that might point to an infection in the mother.
  • Amniocentesis—A test that removes a bit of the fluid around your baby. It will be tested.
  • Chest x-ray (rare)—A test that takes a picture of structures inside the chest. A shield is used to protect your growing baby.

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