Swedish Family Medicine Center

Underserved patients represent the majority of our clinic population, but a significant percentage of our office practice carries commercial insurance. This means all our residents get on the job training for coding, referrals, etc. When residents graduate, they are ready for those aspects of patient care right from the start!

Using the concept of resident teams our program provides continuity care here at the Swedish Family Medicine Residency office. There are six teams, each with one resident from each program year. These teams provide coverage for each other when a team member is unavailable for any reason. When the entire team is unavailable the rest of the residents help cover for that team. As a result, the office functions more like a group practice than a traditional residency clinic.

The Swedish Family Medicine office staff work hard checking in every patient, checking out every patient, keeping the information filed and the charts flowing, etc. We have a great nursing staff consisting of both RNs and medical assistants. They all are an asset to our program.

Swedish Medical Center, Englewood, Colorado

At Swedish Medical Center, located in Englewood, Colorado, the residents and faculty manage a robust inpatient family medicine service. Twelve months of residency training is spent on the integrated inpatient service. Our inpatient service simultaneously cares for adult medicine, pediatric, surgery, gynecology, newborn and obstetric patients (training the same way a family physician practices).