Learn more about our dedicated breast cancer care team at Swedish Medical Center in Denver

At Swedish Medical Center, we are committed to providing individualized, innovative breast care and breast-related services. Our experienced multidisciplinary team of medical providers is dedicated to providing collaborative, high-quality breast cancer services and treatment in a comfortable and caring environment, as well as compassionately guiding patients and their family members through diagnosis, treatment, recovery and survivorship.

Our multidisciplinary team includes breast radiologists, breast surgeons, medical oncologists, pathologists, reconstructive breast surgeons, a radiation oncologist, patient nurse navigators, genetic counselors and oncology rehabilitation specialists. 

Our NAPBC (National Accreditation Program of Breast Centers) accredited breast program care team includes the following physician specialists:

Breast Radiologists

Our team members include board-certified physicians fellowship trained in breast imaging, who specialize in breast cancer screening using state-of-the-art imaging equipment, including mammography (tomosynthesis/3D mammography), breast ultrasound and MRI. Additionally, our breast radiologists perform minimally invasive core needle and vacuum-assisted biopsy using stereotactic X-ray, ultrasound and MRI for imaging guidance.

Brett Bartz, MD

Michelle Black, MD

Christine Bliven, MD

Marjan Bolouri, MD

Janice Brenneman, MD, MSN

Gitesh Chheda, MD

Alan Chiang, MD, PhD

Kelly D’Amico, MD

Mark Dennis, MD

Louie Enriquez, MD, JD

Carl Fieser, MD

Jennifer Hankinson, MD

Luke Hoagland, MD

Stephen Johnson, MD, PhD

Aaron Kirkpatrick, MD

Kevin Lampert, MD

Michael Lin, MD

Richard Obregon, MD, FACR

Chris Reed, MD

Stanley Smazal, MD FACR

Amy Yactor, MD

Breast Surgeons

Board-certified surgeons who specialize in breast cancer disease and have expertise in the most current surgical techniques for the treatment of breast cancer. Our breast surgeons work directly with the patients to ensure their participation in decision making about treatment.

Laura Hafertepen, DO

Jane Kercher, MD

Jodi Widner, MD

Medical Oncologists

Board-certified internal medicine physicians who specialize in the care of people with cancer or survivors of cancer. As an integral component of the breast cancer team, medical oncologists are not only concerned about treating the current cancer, but also preventing a cancer recurrence in the future. Chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and biological therapies may be recommended and administered by medical oncologists. These doctors guide patients through the entire process of treatment, recovery and survivorship.

Sami Diab, MD

Samir Witta, MD


Swedish Medical Center board-certified physicians who specialize in the analysis of tumor samples to determine the precise diagnosis, tumor aggressiveness and the extent of the disease. Pathologists' reports are essential to deciding the best course of treatment following current national guidelines.


Natalie Banet, MD

Reconstructive Breast Surgeons

Board-certified plastic surgeons, fellowship trained in breast reconstruction, with expertise in the full scope of breast reconstruction following surgical treatment of breast cancer.

Radiation Oncologist

Swedish board-certified physicians who specialize in the utilization of radiation therapy in the treatment of breast cancer. Radiation therapies offered through our program are at the forefront of cancer treatment in the region. Our radiation oncologist actively participates in clinical trials and research specific to breast cancer radiation therapies.

Patient Nurse Navigators

Our highly experiened, dedicated nurse navigator works as your advocate, serving as a primary point of contact and helping with support, coordination and education for you and your family during care and after your cancer diagnosis.

Terra Berens, RN

Sariet Burchfield, RN

Contact a Nurse Navigator, call 303-788-2748

Genetic Counselors

Genetic counselors can help individuals and families with information about the nature, inheritance and implications of a diagnosed or suspected hereditary cancer syndrome. We provide information, guidance and support. Learn more about our genetic counseling.

Cary Armstrong, MS, CGC

Oncology Rehabilitation Specialists

Outpatient rehabilitation services are provided by physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists who are specialized and experienced in oncology rehabilitation. They are a vital part of post-op care, recovery from chemo and radiation, and all aspects of breast cancer rehab.