Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Swedish Medical Center

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is used to treat wounds and diseases that are typically resistant to treatment, or otherwise nearly impossible to treat. Oxygen therapy is a painless medical treatment where a patient breathes 100% oxygen in an enclosed environment (the hyperbaric chamber) where the pressure has been in creased to be higher than normal, allowing the patient's lungs to take in more oxygen than usual.

This oxygen-saturated blood moves throughout the body where it:

  • Aids in repairing tissue that has been affected by poor circulation
  • Helps new blood vessels to grow
  • Enhances white blood cell's ability to kill bacteria and fight infection
  • Improves the body's ability to heal

hyperbaric chamber

What is hyperbaric medicine used for?

Hyperbaric treatment is helpful for many injuries and conditions, including:

  • Skin grafts, flaps or thermal burns
  • Radiation therapy injuries after cancer treatment
  • Wound healing, especially for patients with poor circulation or diabetes
  • Brain injuries or strokes
  • An air bubble (embolism) in the circulatory system that is blocking blood flow
  • Decompression sickness, which can happen if divers or miners come to the surface too quickly
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

Hyperbaric therapy saves many patients from amputation and offers hope to patients who have not responded to traditional therapies.