Group of doctors standing

Our multidisciplinary team works together to treat liver and pancreas disease

At the Center for Diseases of the Liver & Pancreas, our team of specialists come from many different areas of expertise to provide a broad scope of care. Click on the specialty to see a list of our providers.

  • Gastroenterology/Hepatology: Board-certified gastroenterologists offer advanced endoscopic techniques.
  • Interventional Radiology: Interventional Radiologists use minimally invasive image guided techniques to treat tumors or obstructions.
  • Surgery: General surgeons are fellowship trained in advanced surgical techniques involving liver, biliary and pancreatic surgery. Surgeons specialize in the operative removal of tumors of the liver, pancreas or other parts of the GI tract.
  • Medical Oncology: Medical oncologists administer specialized chemo-therapeutic treatment plans. 
  • Radiation OncologyRadiation oncologists deliver external and internal beam radiation therapy to referred patients, both inpatient and outpatient.