In 2017, Swedish Medical Center introduced the Center for Advanced Urologic Surgery. The Center is part of our Minimally Invasive Surgical Institute.

Robotic surgery

Surgeons who perform robotic-assisted surgical procedures are highly trained in the use of the da Vinci® Robotic Surgery System.

Our highly advanced, minimally-invasive robotic technology allows surgeons to make small, precise incisions to the surgical area, reducing blood loss, pain and offering a faster recovery.

The surgeons at the Center for Advanced Urologic Surgery have performed a high number of these robotic-assisted surgeries to treat urological conditions, particularly in the Greater Denver and Rocky Mountain region.

Our team

Comprised of a dedicated team of board-certified urology specialists, the Center for Advanced Urologic Surgery is focused on the study, treatment and care of urological conditions. This includes more common urological cancers such as prostate cancer, as well as more rare urological conditions that affect adults and children.