Deep Brain Stimulation at Swedish Medical Center

Swedish Hospital Denver Deep Brain Stimulation

We believe in empowering patients through multi-disciplinary, complete care and assisted healing. Our mission is to be the neuroscience center of choice for patients with movement and cognitive disorders. Our vision is to offer the most collaborative continuum of care, the tools and support to truly improve quality of life.

To achieve this our team stays true to our patients and our values:

Patient Centered

Our focus is on the needs of each patient as an individual and how we can help better his/her life.


Our team offers support to the patient, his/her family and support network. We are engaged in the entire process – from diagnosis to treatment, support and wellness.

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Deep Brain Stimulation at Swedish Medical Center

Our experts are the most experienced in deep brain stimulation. We see more patients, have more years in practice and have extensive, specialized training.

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We base treatments in traditional medicine, but balance that with complementary approaches to help strengthen body, spirit and mind.