Cardiac Catheterization Lab Denver: Cardiac Caths & EP Studies

Procedures performed in Swedish's state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization Lab include cardiac caths and electrophysiology (EP) procedures. The Outpatient Cath Lab team provides excellent care and takes pride in superior cardiac skills. Outpatient procedures generally do not require an overnight stay at the hospital.

Outpatient Procedures

Outpatient cath lab procedures will be scheduled by your cardiologist. On the day of your procedure, plan to arrive at the hospital approximately two and a half hours prior to the start of your test.

Check In

Please check in for your outpatient cath lab procedure in the hospital's main Admissions department on the 1st floor. Once checked in, you will be directed to Cardiac Testing on the 4th floor. From Admissions, proceed west to the Chapel elevator, go to the 4th floor and Cardiac Testing is located just north of this elevator. Please bring your driver's license, insurance cards and copay to Admissions for check in.


Prior to arriving at Swedish for your procedure, please contact your insurance provider to determine the amount of your copay for the procedure. Your copay will be due at the time of service.


We recommend that patients use our free valet parking services located at the main entrance to Swedish or self-park directly across the street in the South Parking Garage. Once parked, you will have a significant walk to Admissions and then to Cardiac Testing; if you need a wheelchair, please ask the valet parking attendants or the volunteers at the main entrance to get one for you.

Learn more about parking at Swedish

Testing Length

The length of your test will vary depending upon what your cardiologist has ordered. Heart catheterizations take approximately two hours for preparation, two hours for the procedure itself, and then four hours for recovery. If you require intervention during your procedure (using coronary stent or balloon), you may be required to stay overnight. Other cath lab procedures take about the same time for prep, procedure and recovery as heart catheterizations with the exception of ablation. Ablation procedures can take four to five hours and require an overnight stay.

Getting Home

All outpatient cath lab patients must have someone to drive them home; you cannot drive yourself home after a cath lab procedure. Please make arrangements ahead of time to have someone take you home.

Please contact Swedish's Cath Lab if you have any questions prior to your scheduled procedure.

Contact Outpatient Cath Lab Services

Location: 3rd Floor
Phone: (303) 788-4130

*When checking in for a procedure, please first visit admissions, located on the first floor.