Chest Pain & Open Heart Surgery Programs at Swedish Medical Center in Denver, Colorado

The Low-Risk Chest Pain Program

In many Emergency Departments (ED), patients with unexplained chest pain are admitted for observation, monitoring and a stress test. This process typically takes 18 to 24 hours and involves an overnight stay in the hospital. At Swedish, we use a more progressive process that can be completed in just eight and does not require you to leave the ED. This Low-Risk Chest Pain Program (pdf) is used only when initial assessment tests rule out that a heart attack is causing a patient's chest pain and/or other symptoms.

Learn when to call 9-1-1 due to Chest Pain

Chest Pain Program

The Swedish Chest Pain Program offers care for the symptoms of discomfort in the chest that cause high anxiety for patients. These symptoms are hard to diagnose without a battery of tests. Nurse practitioners see the patients and use a holistic approach to determine if the symptoms indicate cardiac distress of any kind.

Cardiovascular Surgery Services

In the main operating suites, Swedish can perform more complex heart procedures in a dedicated heart room. Patients recover in our Progressive Care Unit (PCU), a 40-bed unit specializing in cardiac care, including heart monitoring for patients with this special need.

Open Heart Program

Swedish's Open Heart Program is one in which patients undergoing bypass and valve replacements are treated aggressively for wellness. Patients undergo comprehensive education and assessments in the Progressive Care Unit before surgery and throughout their stays. This leads to fewer days in the hospital and a better recovery overall.