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Cisternogram for Leak

Instructions and Preparation Information

Please arrive in the Radiology department prior to the exam for the admissions process. You will be taken to diagnostic radiology for a lumbar puncture procedure in which the radionuclide tracer will be injected by a neuroradiologist. Please wear loose, warm, comfortable clothing free of metal. The radiotracer will not cause any allergic reaction or discomfort. The tracer attaches to the cerebral spinal fluid to allow for later imaging. Note that you will be in recovery from the lumbar puncture for 2 hours.

Immediately following recovery, you will go to the ENT (ear, nose and throat) physician's office (Dr. Arvin Rau) to have pledgets placed in your sinus cavities. Six hours post injection you will return to the Radiology department where the Radiologist will remove the pledgets. At this time, the technologist will draw blood to be measured and image for approximately 30 minutes. Imaging also will need to be completed at 24 hours.

Before Your Cisternogram for Leak Study

  • The lumbar puncture appointment must take place in the early morning in order to complete this test