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Gastric Emptying

Information and Preparation Instructions

This is a 4-hour exam. Please arrive in the Radiology department for the admissions process. A nuclear medicine technologist will greet you for the appointment. You will be asked to eat scrambled eggs, toast and water that contain a radiotracer. This radiotracer will not cause any allergic reaction or flavor change to the meal, it allows for imaging of the stomach. The technologist will immediately take two 1-minute pictures of the stomach after you have completed the meal. Two 1-minute pictures will be taken at the 1 hour, 2 hour and 4-hour mark. During which time, you may leave and come back as long as you do not eat or drink anything.

Before Your Gastric Emptying Study

  • Sedatives and stomach medications must be withheld for 12 hours prior to the test (i.e.:reglan, ativan, vicodin)
  • Do not eat or drink anything 4 hours prior to scheduled time
  • Please let the technologist know if you have any food allergies to the above listed meal