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Average ER Wait Times

Swedish Medical Center

-- mins

Swedish Belmar ER

-- mins

Swedish Southwest ER

-- mins

Information and Preparation Instructions

Please arrive in the Radiology department for the admissions process. A nuclear medicine technologist will greet you for the appointment. A small intravenous (I.V.) line will be started by the technologist for the exam. Please wear loose, warm, comfortable clothing. You will be asked to perform a breathing treatment for approximately 5 minutes. This will consist of breathing through your mouth from a tube with your nose shut. Following the breathing treatment, a series of images will be taken over the lungs. You will be asked to lie on your back with your arms above your head. After these images are complete, another series of images will be taken following an injection of a radioactive tracer through the I.V. The radiotracer will not cause any allergic reaction or discomfort.

Before Your VQ/Lung Scan

  • Drink plenty of fluid after the exam is completed
  • Current or recent chest X-ray need to be available for the radiologist for comparison; if you have not had one, you may be asked to have one done