Orthopedic excellence in Denver

Swedish Advanced Joint Reconstruction is a leader in the region. Our orthopedic surgeons have special training to care for bone and joint injuries and conditions. We treat everything including labral tears, total joint replacement surgery and orthopedic trauma. We often use advanced minimally invasive surgeries to fix joint or spine conditions. This type of surgery often lowers recovery time and pain.

Our team of orthopedic experts in Denver, Colorado, specializes in everything from repairing a torn labrum and total joint replacement surgery to orthopedic trauma care.

Specialized Care

The 9th Floor of our hospital cares only for orthopedic patients. The 7th North floor cares for only spine surgery patients. This way, our nursing staff is specially trained to treat patients who had your type of surgery.

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Total joint replacement

Our joint replacement doctors focus on shorter recovery times and patient safety. We have one of the most comprehensive programs in the country. Our doctors and staff are also some of the most experienced.

We offer many joint replacement surgeries including:

Do you need to have joint replacement surgery but don’t know what to expect? Learn more about getting ready for surgery and what to expect when you have surgery. You also can take our free joint replacement surgery class. In this class, you learn how to prepare for surgery and recovery. We also talk about what happens during and after a joint replacement procedure.

Orthopedic trauma

Swedish has orthopedic specialists who can diagnose and treat bone and joint injuries, broken bones, intra-articular fractures and rotator cuff tears. We are one of very few hospitals in the U.S. to with a team of orthopedic surgeons who specialize in pelvic trauma.

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