Total ankle replacement surgery in Denver

At Swedish, our joint doctors are specially trained and experienced in treating ankle pain. We work with you to first teach you about your condition and treatment options. Then, we create a plan with you that may include anything from physical therapy to advanced joint reconstruction.

The Swedish Medical Center Advanced Joint Reconstruction has one of the only total ankle replacement programs in the Denver area. Read about Marc's experience.

The nurses, physical therapists and physicians at Swedish are with you every step of the way. Our team works with you from your initial assessment to your recovery to involve you in every decision and aspect of your care.

Dr. Faro on ankle replacement

What causes ankle pain?

The ankle joint takes in a lot of impact. It can wear away over time or can be damaged after an injury to the ankle. When it is damaged, you may feel a lot of pain with every step.

Usually, our doctors will recommended physical therapy and other treatments first. But, when those don't work, ankle replacement surgery might be an option.

What is ankle replacement surgery? 

During ankle replacement surgery, the surgeon removes the ends of the damaged bones and replaces them with a joint made of plastic and metal. After recovery and rehabilitation, this artificial joint will help you move freely without pain and return to the activities you enjoyed.

Why choose Swedish ?

Dr. Frances Faro is a nationally recognized orthopedic surgeon who specializes in ankle replacement surgery. In addition to our experienced team, we also provide a state-of-the art facility that has the latest technology and unique comforts to make your stay safe, efficient and comfortable.

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