Total hip replacement surgery in Denver

At Swedish Medical Center in Denver, we can help free you from hip pain so you can get back to your everyday life. Usually, hip pan is caused by arthritis, injury or aging.

Don’t let your hip pain stop you from living your life! Find a hip doctor.

Our expert doctors are specially trained and experienced in figuring out exactly what is wrong with your hip and then fixing it!

Why choose Swedish?

Our treatment doesn’t start in the operating room. It starts with your first visit. We will teach you all about your condition so you can make the best choice for treatment. We know surgery is a big decision. We want to work with you to create a plan for your hip pain. We want to be your partner on the road to recovery.

We usually start with treatments like physical therapy. If that doesn't work, we might talk about total hip replacement surgery. If you have this surgery, our physical therapy team works with you afterward.

Together, we get you back on your feet and doing the things you love. You can do both in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation to make sure you are back to your old self as soon as possible.

What happens during hip replacement surgery?

During total hip replacement surgery, your surgeon replaces your damaged hip with an artificial joint. Your femur(thigh bone) is rounded at the top and fits into the cup part of the pelvic bone. This makes a ball and socket joint. When you have total hip surgery, a metal ball with a stem is put in place at the top of your femur. A plastic-like cup is inserted into the damaged cup of your pelvic bone (called the acetabulum). Together, these make a new hip that is less painful and can move better. 

For some patients, we offer  robotic-arm assisted surgery. Patients with inflammatory or non-inflammatory degenerative hip joint disease (DJD) might be able to have this type of less invasive and more precise surgery. If you would like a different solution to traditional total hip replacement, Mako might help you return to the active lifestyle you know — even faster. 

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