Pelvic Disorder Patient Stories, Denver

Misdiagnosed Hip Dysplasia Patient Finds Relief

"My ordeal with unexplained pelvic pain began in 2011, my senior year of college. I spent a year and a half going to dozens doctors in Colorado and across the country trying to find answers. I was in crippling pain and no one could figure out why.  

Time and time again I was told that there wasn’t anything wrong with me or I was diagnosed and/or treated for diseases and conditions I never had. Completely frustrated with countless misdiagnoses, I found Hollie Neujahr in December of 2012. Hollie truly saved my life. Her knowledge and experience helped me find the right diagnosis. Although Hollie is not a doctor, she was the first person to suggest that the pelvic pain might be stemming from my hips. She suggested an answer that no other doctor had even considered. Hollie is empathetic to the kind of pain that most doctors dismiss as psychological symptoms.

After Hollie’s initial diagnosis, I was properly diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia.  I had nearly 20 hours of hip surgery over the past two and a half years and am finally back to pursuing a normal life.  Although the past three years have been traumatic, Hollie has been my champion and my savior through all the pain. After all the hip surgeries and with Hollie’s help in my physical therapy, I am nearly pain free." 

"Hollie has the magic touch for me; although very professional she has such a pleasant attitude and makes you want to succeed."

Finding Relief from Pain... and Hope

"I traveled the world for answers and felt without hope for many years.  My quality of life had vanished completely and I struggled to get through daily life both emotionally and physically.  I began seeing Hollie Neujahr in or around 2010.  It was incredible relief to find someone that could help, and incredibly helpful that therapy didn’t require travel to other states. 

For me, Hollie’s help was much more beneficial than other therapies and her approach offered relief from pain.  I have regained a quality of life that I was unsure I would ever have again.  In 2012, through treatment and guidance from Hollie I began taking larger steps in my rehabilitation.  Now, in March 2015 I feel that my pain is manageable and I am still working on feeling better but overall doesn’t prevent me from being present in life.  I have returned to a full time work load and I feel that I have quality and purpose in my life thanks to much help from Hollie."

Breast Cancer Survivor Grateful for Quality of Life Improvement

"It was my lucky day when I was referred to Hollie Neujahr and N2 Physical Therapy for persistent shoulder problems related to breast cancer surgery. Hollie treated and completely resolved all of my pain and range of motion issues.

Hollie continues to treat me for pelvic problems stemming from breast cancer treatment. Hollie is a fantastic therapist, a true healer. She is passionate about her work and is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in treating breast cancer patients. Hollie has made an enormous difference in my recovery, and I am forever grateful to her."