HealthONE's Birthing Staff Puts Families First In A Job They Love

Ask the staff members of HealthONE’s birthing centers what makes their jobs stand out, and you hear some common themes: Great colleagues. Camaraderie and teamwork. Working for a top-notch healthcare system that boasts a highly skilled and talented staff. But mostly you find how much they love what they do. You hear it in their voices, see it in their faces: They believe they have the greatest job on earth, bonding and caring for families during what will be one of the most-cherished memories of their lives. And they assure, no matter how many times they witness life's miracle, the magic never subsides.

Lynne PicketteSMC-Postpartum Nurse Lynne Pickett, Postpartum Nurse

25 Years at Swedish Medical Center

What is the most important part of your job?

Supporting Mom, Dad and baby as they become a family together, teaching them and watching their confidence grow in the short time that they are with us. Postpartum nurses get to see those first few hours after birth when couples are getting to know their baby. That is magical, and the magic never goes away.

What motivates you to stay with Swedish?

Its focus on couplet care. We really just try to keep Mommy and Daddy and baby together, to never separate them. And, Swedish is my family. The experience and longevity of the staff is phenomenal.

What's unique about night nursing?

How close we are able to get with our patients, because they don’t have any visitors at 2 o'clock in the morning. During these quiet hours, we can assist our couplets with breastfeeding skin to skin.

What's the best part of your job?

Bonding with my families, especially when they return for another birth. It is a wonderful privilege being part of their birth experience. There are also very few jobs where you get hugged and appreciated so much. It's just a magical thing, even after 25 years.

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