To help birthing mothers have the most memorable experience, we have around the clock pain management coverage, should you want or need it.

Board-Certified Anesthesiologists for OB and GYN Patients

Our four board-certified Anesthesiologists are here to help you manage the birthing process by providing a range of pain-relieving options (local & regional anesthesia, including epidural or spinal anesthesia, and general anesthesia). These physicians have received specialized training and tend solely to our OB and gynecology (GYN) patients, making them highly skilled in delivering top quality OB/GYN pain relief and anesthesia. Their role is to help ensure that you have a safe and comfortable delivery, or surgery, and recovery.

Working with Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)

Another advantage is that both an OB Anesthesiologist and a CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist) are always present and available at the hospital to promptly make requesting mothers as comfortable as possible while ensuring minimum risk to them and their infants. Although labor and delivery can be accomplished without anesthesia, it is nice to know that Swedish has the best qualified team in place to make your birthing experience uniquely yours.

Swedish OB/GYN Anesthesiology Team

  • Dale Lewis, DO, Anesthesiologist
  • Liam McCarthy, MD, Anesthesiologist
  • Alida Near, MD, Anesthesiologist
  • Laurel Starr, MD, Anesthesiologist
  • Amy Arnett, CRNA
  • David Benson, CRNA
  • Vicki Beyer, CRNA
  • Jennifer Bosso, CRNA
  • Mary Downing, CRNA
  • Ellen Neufeld, CRNA
  • Lynette Richardson, CRNA
  • Linda Scramstad, CRNA
  • Mark Skidmore, CRNA
  • Lou Ann Witter, CRNA