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Average ER Wait Times

Swedish Medical Center

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Swedish Belmar ER

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Swedish Southwest ER

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Pregnancy: Questions to Ask Your Provider

These questions may be useful when you talk to your doctor about having your baby.

If your doctor recommends delivery before 39 weeks:

  • Is there a problem with my health or the health of my baby that may make me need to have my baby early?
  • Can I wait to have my baby until I’m closer to 39 weeks?

About inducing labor:

  • Why do you need to induce my labor?
  • How will my you induce my labor?
  • Will inducing labor increase the chance that I’ll need to have a c-section?

About c-section:

  • Why do I need to have a c-section?
  • What problems can a c-section cause for me and my baby?
  • Can I have a vaginal birth in my future pregnancies?

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