Swedish Medical Center Melanoma and Complex Skin Cancer Treatment Center

One out of seven people in the U.S. will develop some form of skin cancer.

Just one serious sunburn can increase your risk by as much as 50 percent.

The Swedish Medical Center Melanoma and Complex Skin Cancer Treatment Center uses an aggressive approach to diagnosis and treatment. Our team is made up of many different kinds of specialists. They work closely together using the latest treatments available.

Individualized Care

At Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at the Swedish Medical Center Melanoma and Complex Skin Cancer Treatment Center, each patient’s experience and outcome is a priority. We have a patient care coordinator who works closely with the patient and family to give support and resources.

Screening and Diagnosis

Because skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States, regular screening is important—no matter your skin color or race. Finding skin cancer early (early detection) and proper treatment are very important to increase the ability to cure the cancer. Everyone should get a full-body skin cancer screening every year. These are offered as a free service through the American Academy of Dermatology. Your doctor will visually inspect your skin to decide whether any areas are likely to be cancerous. More testing may need to be done to confirm a skin cancer diagnosis. This may include removing a sample of skin for testing (called a skin biopsy).

Multidisciplinary Case Conference

Our doctors and other experts from many different specialties regularly meet to create each patient a treatment plan. The team includes leading experts in surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, and more. Our care coordinator then works with the patient and family to help put the plan into place. The team continues to meet to evaluate each patient’s progress throughout diagnosis and treatment.

Take Steps to Protect Your Skin

Call us at 303-788-6717 for more skin cancer care information, or to schedule an appointment.

Expertise in Skin Cancer Treatment

As the premiere provider of cancer care the community for decades, Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at the Swedish Medical Center Melanoma and Complex Skin Cancer Treatment Center offers an aggressive, team approach. This commitment to excellence has earned Swedish accreditation from the American College of Surgeons as a Comprehensive Cancer Program.

Access to Leading Edge Clinical Trials

The physicians of the Melanoma and Complex Skin Cancer Treatment Center have access to national clinical trials and have competitive patient outcomes. We look at each patient to see if he/she is eligible for current clinical trials.

Coordinated Care

For patients who have recently been diagnosed with skin cancer, our patient care coordinator can help them prepare and plan for treatment. She is the point of contact for the program. The coordinator matches available services, manages physician appointments and referrals, and gives education and resources. In addition to our coordinator helping to manage care to the patient, our team is working behind the scenes for the patient. We work together as a team as well as with the referring physician throughout treatment and recovery. 

Treatment Options and Rehabilitation

We are committed to using the latest technology to treat skin cancer. Because of this, our program can treat all skin cancer types at any stage.

Swedish is one of only two places patients can receive IL-2, an effective treatment for a variety of malignancies. These include renal cell carcinoma and melanoma. Because of its immune-modulating and antitumor properties, IL-2 has shown one of the most effective treatments for metastatic renal cell carcinoma and melanoma to date.

Additionally, we partner with experts in oncology rehabilitation to offer our patients comprehensive rehabilitation to mitigate the development of long-term abnormities resulting from oncology treatment.