Are you always tired or sleepy?

You are not alone! An estimated 50 million people in the United States suffer from sleep disorders that range from insomnia to sleep apnea and parasomnias. The Sleep Disorders Center at Swedish Medical Center provides sleep experts you can trust for the complete diagnosis and treatment of these disorders.

Our state-of-the-art Denver sleep clinic brings together an array of medical specialists in an outpatient environment that is both comfortable and inviting.

Serving the Denver-metro population as well as patients from throughout the Colorado region, Swedish's unique clinic provides all of the necessary components for complete diagnosis and treatment of many sleep disorders, including Upper Airway Stimulation.

Getting a sleep evaluation

A doctor’s referral is necessary for a sleep study. However, the Sleep Disorders Center at Swedish Medical Center is an open sleep lab, meaning any physician may refer a patient to the clinic if he or she feels the patient is experiencing a sleep disorder. Download our physician information sheet to print and share with your primary care doctor about the Sleep Disorders Center.

Patients who are not under the care of a physician and would like to have a sleep evaluation, visit our physician referral database or call (303) 788-8352.

Most health insurance providers cover the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, but we recommend you first consult your insurance carrier to be sure the necessary tests are covered.

Schedule a sleep study today!

If you would like to schedule a consultation or appointment or have any further questions about the various sleep studies or general services our sleep clinic offers, feel free to reach to the Sleep Disorders Center at Swedish directly at (303) 788-8352 for more information.

The complete contact information for the Sleep Disorders Center at Swedish is as follows:

The Sleep Disorders Center at Swedish
Swedish Medical Center
499 East Hampden Avenue, Suite 230
Englewood, Colorado 80113
Phone: (303) 788-8352
Fax: (303) 788-5108