New Tool Helps Surgeons Deliver Best Care for Back, Spine and Neck Surgery Patients

The O-Arm™ is one of the most advanced imaging resources available to help surgeons in the Operating Room.

If you are having back, spine or neck surgery, your surgeon may choose to use one of the newest tools available, the O-Arm.

Why the O-Arm?

  • Obtain immediate 3-dimensional, visual pictures of your back, spine and neck bones where hardware needs to be placed so that it is placed in the precisely right location.
  • Check hardware placement before leaving the OR, minimizing the need for follow-up adjustment procedures.
  • Can be used during surgeries to repair highly complex orthopedic trauma, such as repairing a shattered pelvis.
Faster imaging, reduced radiation, faster recovery times and improved outcomes are all benefits of using the O-Arm.
  • Only 66 hospitals nationwide to own this leading-edge technology.
  • Swedish acquired the O-Arm based on the input of leading physicians and surgeons who have embraced it for its ability to help deliver superior patient outcomes.
  • The Swedish Spine Center was recently recognized by United Healthcare as UnitedHealth® Premium Surgical Spine Center.