Blood BankingYou may need a blood transfusion either during or after your Spine Surgery. Because of this need, your doctor might ask that blood be made available prior to surgery. This may be accomplished in one of three ways:

Blood Bank - Swedish Medical Center uses Bonfils Blood Center as our source for blood products. Bonfils carefully screens and tests all blood to prevent the possible transmission of AIDS and other diseases carried in the blood.

Autologous Blood - You may donate your blood to yourself to be used at a later date. With a doctor's order and a scheduled appointment at one of Bonfils' locations, you may "bank" your blood starting six weeks before surgery. It is possible to draw your blood weekly, but you should avoid giving blood within the last two weeks before surgery. Your doctor will advise you about how much of your blood should be banked and if this process is safe for your specific medical condition.

Directed Donations - With a doctor's order, friends and family may donate blood by scheduling an appointment at a Bonfils' location. If their blood type is compatible with yours, it will be made ready and stored for your surgery.

For questions relating to blood banking or to schedule an appointment, please call Bonfils Blood Center at 303-363-2330.