Swedish Medical Center is the first advanced care center in Colorado to use Penumbra MAX System of Reperfusion Catheters to treat ischemic stroke patients faster and more efficiently.

How Penumbra MAX System Catheters Work

This innovative system is an alternative to standard guidewire that physicians use to navigate the brain's arteries during a stroke. This system is used to open the blood vessels of stroke patients within eight hours of their symptoms. At Swedish, the stroke team uses the Penumbra MAX system along with t-PA (an intravenous clot-busting drug), or alone when t-PA cannot be used.

During a Stroke, Saving Time Saves Brain

This system allows physicians to quickly and easily open the affected blood vessels and remove the clot efficiently. During a stroke, an estimated 30,000 brain cells die per second, so a patient’s outcomes and recovery are far better the quicker the patient is evaluated and treated.

Denver-Area Patients Spared Lasting Effects from Stroke

Swedish Medical Center patients Polly and Ronald were both spared lasting effects from their strokes because of their rapid treatment with MAX System Catheters.

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