Swedish's Level 1 trauma center

Swedish Medical Center is home to one of the leading trauma centers in Colorado. Our trauma center is an acclaimed medical referral clinic serving trauma and neurotrauma patients throughout Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. Because of our unique critical care resources, highly educated physicians and staff and leading edge technology, we have earned the designation as a Level I trauma center, a certification that most local hospitals do not achieve, and the trust of our community. In fact, Swedish is the only Level 1 trauma center readily accessible to the growing south Denver metropolitan area.

An outstanding trauma surgery team

Our team of trauma surgeons, researchers and administrative personnel work together to provide an extensive support system. Thanks to the work of each terrific traumatology doctor at Swedish Medical Center, our staff has achieved an outstanding reputation for our commitment to offering high-quality, compassionate care that meets and often exceeds patient and family expectations.

One, if not the most important aspect of trauma care is the quick, safe transportation of patients from the accident site to the hospital critical care unit. In the effort to always better the quality of service we provide, Swedish has partnered up with AirLife, HealthONE's emergency medical transport service. AirLife is a crucially valuable asset to Swedish's trauma program; AirLife serves a 10-state area in the Rocky Mountain region with air and ground transportation. The experienced AirLife team helps the most critically injured and ill patients in our region get to the highly experienced care at Swedish as quickly as possible.

Critical care unit

Swedish Medical Center's award-winning critical care unit comprises of top board-certified trauma surgeons and physicians that are on call 24 hours per day, seven days a week as well as a team of registered nurses and therapists that provide conventional acute and critical care services. Comprehensive critical care services at Swedish’s Level 1 trauma center include:

  • Critical care certified nurses (CCRN)
  • State-of-the-art equipment for cardiac and central nervous system monitoring
  • Access to specialists across the medical spectrum for consultation
  • Quality care for critically-injured trauma patients as well as critically ill medical, surgical, neurological and cardiac patients.
  • A second trauma surgeon and specialty team on-call in the occurrence of multiple trauma patients being admitted into the trauma center at the same time.

A wounded warrior's story of recovery

wounded warrior

Taking orders isn’t something Senior Master Sergeant Martin Smith is used to, but after a traumatic accident, he found himself taking orders from the Mountain Orthopedic Trauma Surgeons at Swedish. Read Martin's incredible story of recovery.

Trauma education

Swedish Medical Center’s emergency medicine services, trauma and nursing personnel, trauma surgeons and surgical subspecialists are dedicated to providing education to the Denver community on a variety of trauma related topics. As one of the top trauma centers in Colorado, we feel that it is our duty and our obligation to educate our community about head and spinal injuries and how to approach situations when you might need to be the primary point of care until advanced medical care arrives. Our team aims to create programs that are tailored to the particular needs of each member in the class. Swedish’s goal is to work toward a well-educated community about reducing the risk of preventable, serious injuries.

To find out more about trauma education classes offered at Swedish, please call (303) 788-5082.