Trauma Research Newsletter

Trauma Research, a quarterly publication of the Trauma Research Department

The Trauma Research Department at Swedish Medical Center is aimed at providing leading-edge trauma research. Our newsletter, Trauma Research, is aimed at showcasing Swedish Medical Center’s current trauma-related research and updating healthcare personnel on research being conducted throughout the world. 

  • December 2014
    • Ebola
    • Instant Clots with Vetigel
    • Elemental Mercury + Lungs
    • 2014 Society of Trauma Nurses Poster
    • 2015 International Stroke Conference Posters
    • Predictors of Neurosurgery Study
  • November 2012
    • IBD, permeability and immune system
    • Neuropilin-1 modified BBB permeability
    • Vagal stimulation can change permeability
    • Eye health linked to brain health
    • Update on fungal meningitis outbreak
    • Are stem cells leading to atherosclerosis?
  • March 2011
    Can Fish Oil Limit Brain Damage After Stroke?
    • Got Leaky Vessels?
    • Short Falls Can Be Deadly If You’re 70 Years or Older
    • Prehospital Hypertonics Don’t Improve Outcomes
    • Upcoming Meetings & Abstracts
    • Science News
    • Ongoing Research Projects
  • Volume 1, Issue 1 (October 2010)
    • Meet Dr. David Bar-Or, Director of the Trauma Research department
    • The Mitochondrial Dilemma
    • Is TBI a Chronic Disease?
    • Meet the Trauma Research Team
    • Must-see TED Videos
    • Upcoming Meetings & Abstracts
    • Ongoing Research Projects