Prenatal care for the Greater Denver community

When you’re expecting, it seems like everyone has advice for you, but somehow when the baby arrives, you still have so many unanswered questions. To prepare you for childbirth and newborn care, Swedish Medical Center offers educational classes led by a certified instructors.

Our Physicians

Classes can begin at any time in your pregnancy—however, we recommend completing all prenatal classes four to six weeks before your due date. Remember to register for classes early to ensure the classes you select are available.

New parent preparation class

This class specifically addresses the first week at home with your newborn. Designed to familiarize you with the characteristics of normal newborn behavior and baby care. Our All About Baby class curriculum will lead you through hands-on practice with diapering, bathing and swaddling.

Childbirth preparation and newborn care

Do you and your significant other have busy schedules? Don’t worry—you can still be prepared for your baby. This course combines the Childbirth Express and All About Baby classes. Due to the condensed nature of class, we ask that parents bring a sack lunch for the Saturday portion.

Boot camp for new moms

Join veteran moms (and their babies) to learn how they made it through the first few months of parenthood. In this women-only environment, no question is off limits. Real moms discuss taking care of yourself so you can be a better parent, how hormones can affect your thoughts, actions and more.

Boot camp for new dads

Is your wife or significant other expecting? Get the basics down now—before the baby arrives! Join us for this innovative workshop for dads-to-be. Veteran fathers host a frank conversation about how it felt to become dads and the issues they found to be the most important.