Radiation therapy and radiation oncology in Denver, CO

At Swedish Medical Center, we offer expert radiation therapy to treat cancer as well as neurological conditions from a dedicated team of specialists. We're an ACR-accredited radiation oncology practice led by a board-certified radiation oncologist and ONS-certified nursing staff.

Radiation oncology

Radiation oncology is a less-invasive treatment option that uses radiation to treat cancer cells and is often used in combination with other types of treatment options, including surgery and chemotherapy. Using advanced imaging technology, our experienced radiation oncology specialists deliver targeted radiation treatment to affected cells with minimal damage to healthy tissue.

To learn more about the radiation oncology program at Swedish, call (303) 788-5860.

Cutting-edge technology and facilities

In addition to our highly experienced team, our center offers leading technology to help treat and beat our patients' cancers:

This advanced radiation technology allows us to offer high-quality treatments for cancer patients. It offers:

  • Up to three photon beams
  • Range of electron energy choices
  • Low-dose-rate therapy
  • Respiration-synchronized image acquisition
  • Reproducible online image matching
  • Remote control of image position

Using this machine, we are able to offer many treatment technologies for cancer patients.

Breast brachytherapy

This treatment for breast cancer patients involves inserting small, flexible tubes into the breast. At scheduled times throughout the course of treatment, the tubes are connected to a machine for delivery of internal radiation therapy. After treatment is complete, the tubes are removed.

What to expect during radiation therapy

At Swedish, we believe in coordinated care. Our radiation oncologists collaborate with your other doctors to establish your treatment plan. Your team consists of the radiation oncologist, a medical physicist, radiation therapists, nurses, a dosimetrist (specialist dedicated to equipment physics) and other support staff.

While the treatment itself may only take a few minutes, plan to be at Swedish for at least 30 minutes for your therapy appointments.

Most of our therapies last between two and eight weeks, during which you undergo treatment once daily, five days a week. Your radiation oncologist will go over your schedule with you during your initial appointment.

When the time comes for you to schedule an appointment with the radiation oncology program, contact us at (303) 788-5860.

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