Total shoulder replacement in Denver

The Swedish Medical Center orthopedic team wants to help you find a shoulder treatment that works and is long-lasting. Our experienced surgeons, physical therapists and care team make up a world-class orthopedic program, close to home!

Tired of your shoulder pain? Contact our Total Joint Program Coordinator at (303) 788-6682.

We work with you every step of the way. First, we educate you about your condition and treatment options. Then, we create a plan with you that may include inpatient or outpatient physical therapy or total replacement surgery.

What happens during shoulder replacement surgery?

Shoulder replacement may involve replacing the humeral component or replacing the humeral component with the glenoid components. This depends on the condition of the surrounding ligaments and the stability of the shoulder. The glenoid component is inserted first. Then, the humerus is cut at the neck and the prosthesis is inserted.

When in place, these pieces create a functional joint. After a successful operation and rehabilitation program, you will feel less pain and be able to move more freely.

Your physician and orthopedic team will select the size of your shoulder replacement, so it is individualized to you and your lifestyle. Because each patient is unique, talk to your physician to find out more about your surgery.