Surgical services in Denver, CO

Our surgeons have performed a high number of surgeries to treat urologic, gastrointestinal, cardiac conditions and cancer, particularly in the greater Denver and Rocky Mountain region.

Center for Advanced Urologic Surgery

As part of the minimally invasive surgical institute at Swedish, the Center for Advanced Urologic Surgery is home to some of the best, most highly-trained urological specialists in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. Several of the surgeons have performed a high number of robot-assisted surgical procedures using the da Vinci® robotic surgery system.  

Spine surgery

Our spine experts care for an average of 90 spine surgeries per month, providing our patients relief from their neck and back pain. Swedish provides a team approach with support from our spinal surgeons in the operating room, physicians’ offices, pre- and post-operative care providers and rehabilitation specialists.

Getting ready for spine surgery

Make an appointment with your primary care physician for a pre-operative evaluation within 30 days of surgery. This evaluation includes:

  • A physical examination
  • A health history
  • EKG (if older than 40 or a history of heart disease is present)
  • Chest X-ray (if a history of lung disease is present)
  • Review of current medication
  • Blood work

It’s important that smoking and the consumption of nicotine are stopped prior to and for at least three months following surgery. If you are unable to stop “cold turkey,” speak with your primary care doctor about medications that aid in smoking cessation.

Blood banking

You may need a blood transfusion either during or after your spine surgery. Because of this, your doctor might ask that blood be made available prior to surgery. You can do this through Vitalant Blood Center, our source for blood products, autologous blood (blood you donate to yourself to be used at a later date) or directed donations from a friend or family member.

Questions concerning blood blanking or appointment scheduling should be directed to (303) 363-2330.

Surgical oncology

Swedish offers stereotactic radiosurgery, a unique process that uses precise gamma beams to focus and treat a specific area in the brain. This procedure avoids surgically opening the skull, with favorable results from the patient’s quality of life, treatment cost, clinical outcomes and reduction of complications.

Our experienced treatment team utilizes the newest model of the Leksell Gamma Knife® to perform these procedures.